Committees | NCAHQ


Help us grow and create new offerings and education for our members. We encourage you to become an active member and serve on one of our committees.

Feel free to contact any of our committee chairs to learn more about how to get involved!


Conference Planning Committee:

Co-Chairs: Stuart Ramsey                                                     Yvonne Acker

Plan and produce Annual Conference including:

  • Conference presenters
  • Conference budget
  • Venue contract/menu
  • Marketing, promotion and registration
  • Sponsor participation
  • Poster presentations

Education Committee:

Chair: Laurie Beasley

  • Assess educational needs of membership
  • Plan/implement educational programs other than annual conference (e.g. webinars, CPHQ review course)
  • Secure CPHQ credits for applicable educational events

Marketing/PR Committee:

Chair: Tina Schoen

  • Produce quarterly e-newsletter (includes developing theme for issues as appropriate, soliciting contributions, writing/editing articles)
  • Develop marketing materials and/or campaigns to help promote the organization and recruit new members
  • Develop and implement social media strategy for the organization

Nominating/By Laws Committee:

Chair: Deborah (Debi) S. Hill

  • Solicit nominations for Board of Directors
  • Prepare slate of candidates and facilitate elections
  • Review and maintain Board of Director job descriptions
  • Review and maintain nomination/election policies and procedures
  • Review and maintain current by-laws and policies/procedures

Awards/Recognition Committee:

Chair: Amy Bell  

  • Run nomination and selection process for NCAHQ award(s)
  • Create/order recognition certificates or plaques for presentation at Annual Conference
  • Obtain NC Governor’s Proclamation for National Healthcare Quality Week
  • Investigate and develop criteria for potential new awards to recommend to Board